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Fusion Research Genesis 9TB Movie Server $ 6,999.00


The Genesis 9TB Movie Server is a very powerful, purpose built movie server. It is extremely easy to set up and use, it holds approximately 900 DVDs (or approx 175 Blu-ray) internally in a RAID5 configuration. Loading is a snap by simply popping a DVD or Blu-ray in the front of the server. Genesis9 may be expanded to up to seven discrete zones with the purchase of up to six additional Fusion Zone Players. With excellent sound and amazing video quality, it is an ideal solution for movie fans. It can hold unlimited amounts of DVD’s or Blu-rays with the “Add Your Own Storage” option. Each movie is captured ‘bit for bit’, ensuring you all the quality and material the studio intended.



  • Store your entire DVD & Blu-ray movie collection with the ability to quickly and easily find what you want to watch. Storing your movie collection digitally means no more scratched, unplayable discs or tears shed over lost movies.
  • Genesis is the top of the line Fusion server and comes in two sizes (9TB or 12TB RAID5), it is THE choice for both large collections and big multi-streaming systems.
  • Genesis features a RAID configuration, the ultimate in security with an extra drive in the system ready to automatically transfer data should another drive start to fail.
  • Fusion servers are Control4 Certified and currently feature a two-way driver with full metadata & cover art information being passed to all Control4 display devices.
  • Allows the addition of up to six Zone Players to create a discrete seven-zone system.
  • Storage licenses allow users to select their own third party NAS servers to expand storage capacity making it the extremely affordable to handle even the largest collections.
  • Genesis can easily be loaded by inserting both DVDs and Blu-ray in the front of the machine. It also allows users to watch one movie while importing another.

  • In Stock: 49
  • Weight: 124
  • Volumetric weight: 126
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