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Fusion Research Ovation Wireless Base Station


The hub of Fusion's wireless audio distribution system. The Ovation Base Station is the server (brains) for the entire system. One base station is required in every wireless system and the OBS must be hard wired into a home network Along with being the hub of the system, the OBS also provides one discrete analog source as well. Up to 16 WA50's or OWP2's can be added to a base station by being attached to the home wifi network, either wired or wirelessly.



  • One HD analog output
  • Server portion of a whole home wireless audio system
  • Five ways to enjoy your music:

    - Streaming apps like Pandora, MOG, SiriusXM and many more

    - Your own personal digital music collection streaming over the network

    - Both local and international internet radio stations

    - AirPlay sources can be played through any Ovation system

    - iTunes synchronization to keep your Ovation up-to-date with your iTunes purchases


  • In Stock: 50
  • Weight: 110
  • Volumetric weight: 112
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