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Fusion Research Premiere MkII Movie Server $ 2,999.00


Fusion’s new and improved Premiere MkII still sets the mark as the ideal entry-level solution for people storing their DVD & Blu-ray collections. With excellent sound and amazing video quality, the Premiere is an ideal solution for movie fans. It can hold unlimited amounts of DVD’s or Blu-rays with the “Add Your Own Storage” option and is controlled by either existing IP drivers from major automation companies or simple IR remote control. Each movie is captured ‘bit for bit’, ensuring you all the quality and material the studio intended.



  • Easily load DVD or Blu-ray in front of unit. Premiere will import a bit-for-bit copy to ensure maximum quality
  • HMDI outputs 1080p, great picture quality when scaled to 4k displays
  • Audio supports many digital formats including Dolby Atmos
  • Easy to setup and manage unit
  • EasyLoad™, allows collectors to load movies without the display being on
  • Features a Certified driver in Composer
  • Up to two discrete movies can be played at once with the optional FR-ZP1
  • 1U chassis with removable rack ears


  • In Stock: 50
  • Weight: 127
  • Volumetric weight: 129
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